The Story Begins 

We are just the run of the mill Family, My wife Michelle Myself Allan & our three boys Ethan, Charlie & Hamish oh not to forget our wee tea cup Chihuahua CoCo. As a family with Three boys i am sure you could imagine we go through a lot of clothes, they grow so fast.  Our youngest two children had allergy issues with certain clothing items, this would leave them with nasty rashes, so most of there young childhood they spent time running about the house topless as that was the only way they felt comfortable. (not ideal when friends were visiting).  

As the boys started to get a bit older we desperately needed a solution. after lots of research a friend of ours introduced us to pure 100% organic cotton clothing to try on the boys. Wow oh wow this was the answer we had been looking for for 6 years. (no more mini nudists running about).  We had tried every thing before, after a few months of the comfy but not so stylish T-shirts. My eldest child wanting to be the new top male model with his friends opened up the next challenge. 

How could we go about finding organic cotton clothing and make them stylish enough for our children to be happy wearing? 

 I think this was the hardest bit of all as they are so many great companies out there, with the world crazy for a solution to world climate change and how they can save the planet recycle, companies were everywhere but just not what we needed at that time.  

After a lot of discussions with different companies about designs, visiting other countries to chat with textile factories. We were not getting anywhere, we were still in the same boat. buying in bulk was not the answer. eventually we found a company that would do the Big stuff like access to our print-on-demand t-shirt factories and organic materials. And little stuff like online design tools. And er, medium stuff. Like the ability to design your own products and build your own website and online store.

T-shirt production works on a linear model where products are made, used, then thrown into landfill, and this leaves us with problems. There is limited space on Earth, and filling it with over 2 billion tons of waste a year doesn't seem to us the best use of the space. Consider the cost of trash on a global scale - not just environmental, but material and financial, too. A linear supply chain where things are designed to be thrown away reduces resources, turns them into trash and trashes nature at our expense. It doesn’t really make sense. That’s why when we make t-shirts, we make them in a different way.

All our clothes are made from organic cotton, and they are GOTS certified. Cotton has been grown in India since 5000 BCE - and for good reason. It’s natural, durable, absorbent (which means it’s easy to dye), and most importantly, comfortable. One of the largest issues in cotton production is the amount of water it requires to grow - that’s why our organic cotton is grown in the north of India, where monsoons fill reservoirs that supply the water needed, without irrigation.

Organic cotton is grown without the harmful chemicals that are in most pesticides and fertilisers. Instead, our farmers use natural fertilisers like cow poo. Then, when the cotton seeds are separated from the usable part of the fibre, those seeds are pressed and used to feed cows who can then turn it into natural fertiliser! A circle within our circular supply chain.

Dream Big T was born, we never started out to have a business we didn't have a business model We just wanted good quality clothing that our children could design, print and wear. after a few months we decided we would take a little bit further and start the website. it didn't go very far as we were not very good at promoting or know where to start. after getting help from  social star they helped us to grow our social media presence especially Instagram. We went from  67 followers to 3K over night within the last 6 months we have grown to over 100 thousand followers and still growing. It has been eye opening. we are continuing the services with them as the increase in sales has been phenomenal to the extent that my wife gave up her day job and deals solely with the business now. 

next stages for us Facebook Growth, YouTube channel!

Watch this space world our brand is in it for the long hall. 


Allan Anderson 

Dream_bigt :)




Cosmetic Heath 

My Journey To Cosmetic Health. 

 ..... Ever since I was a young girl The body fascinated me from a scratch on my knee to a cut in the finger, how my body would heal without any intervention. I think I really 'bugged' my father as we didn't have much money when I was a child and he constantly told me he could never give me what I needed to make that start. It wasn't until later in life i learned to understand this but oh how I desperately wanted to help people...    

I wanted to become a neurosurgeon since I was a child. Once when I was about 5 or 6, there was some neurosurgeon on TV as a guest, and I asked my mother who is he and what does he do. She tried to put it simple and just said "That's a doctor that operates on people's heads." Without a second thought, I said "I want to do that when I grow up!". I finished school, and needed direction,  so I became a nurse when I was 19.

 Applied for med school twice and failed because of chemistry. Didn't want to lose time, so I got into nursing. I was lucky enough to do my internship at the neurosurgery ward. unfortunately my circumstances would still not allow me to become a surgeon. 

Why do I like neurosurgery? It's closest thing to magic that human beings can perform. It requires skill, knowledge, indestructible nerves (pun not intended) and dedication. It's a surgical branch, which makes it even better. The brain is the most perfect thing that nature has ever created and the part of the human body that we explored the least. To have such courage to change it's structure and function and make it look like the simplest thing there is makes neurosurgeons appear beyond human. I mean, being able to work on something complex such as brain would surely feel magical. It sure takes some arrogance to toy around with nature's most perfect creation, but you know that you have invested hours and days and months and years of heard work, tears, sweat and blood into it, you gave up all the fun when everyone had the most of it, all in order to be able to save lives and solve the most complex problems that a human can have. 

 While I was a nurse, I enjoyed being in hospital so much I worked overtime just to be in the hospital as much as I can, it gave me energy, made me feel alive. I broke up with my partner a little before I had to leave the hospital because my contract ended, and It felt worse about leaving the ward than I did about the breakup. I don't just practice medicine, I live and breathe medicine. 

My new placement was on a plastic and reconstructive  surgery, I spent three years here which totally took all my previous desires to be a neurosurgeon and replaced them with new goals. I watched desperate people come in and go out a whole new person, how can this be? Better quality of life, enhanced body image, self-esteem even improved safety such as seeing better after removing extra eyelid skin giving a more natural appearance. 

I found a cosmetic practice in Izmir Turkey where I knew my life would change, I finally found what would change the rest of my life, I never did become a surgeon, but my life changed in so many ways, From basic screening and cosmetic surgery to high-end surgical procedures and complex specialty care in areas such as Urology and Gynaecology, Bariatrics and Ophthalmology (Eye Surgery) among others, our greatly skilled and experienced medical staff work to deliver the best healthcare experience and treatment for every international patient, through well-supported international medical services.

My mission is to serve the safest transportation, accommodation, treatment, and tour service supported by quality maximization and risk minimization for our international patients. We ensure that our patients are as well cared for as possible and, receive appropriate advice and input at all stages of the caring process.

My vision is to serve a worldwide high-quality health service with the support of advanced technology, ready for all women and men to reach any point on Earth.

Thank you Social Star Promotions for all your help.

Ilydia Caner