Our Legends 

We love to showcase our work with our clients, but it makes it even more special when our clients thank us by telling there story. 

Social media can be a mine field,  overwhelming to target audiences and even harder get the following that you deserve. Our team from all over the world work 24hrs a day to get your page(s) to the top the game, above your competitor's helping to get your brand recognised around the world.

  Our Legends you are about to read about, are our Legends as they started working with us from a vision, a dream and made it work.

 Read there stories and learn from them from there heart aches to there successes. Check out there profiles and follow them to let them continue to inspire you. 






Dreambigt.com started as a family idea, Our products are made from organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory.

Our children wanted to design there own clothing range, but we didn't know where to start. Eventually we found a company who we believed in  who would print our designs on demand on organic cotton clothing. 

The Ultimate Goal was to teach our children that in order to create the things we love we have to find a way of sustaining it, money doesn't grow on tree's. we needed a strategy and a way of increasing our social presence. Something my wife and I were no good at.

Social star promotions have been our god sent, they have taken our wee company to heights we never expected. we will forever be grateful. 

Come follow us on our journey, or click learn more for our full story.  


Unlike 99% of clothing that eventually goes to landfill, every product we make is designed to come back to us at the start to be remade. Instead of creating waste, we create new products from it. The technology we developed to make this modern, circular economy work is a solution we want to scale up quickly. When it comes to sustainability, climate change, the plastic crisis - we do not have much time......

Cosmetic Health 


At the crossroads between the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, Turkey is the 6th most visited destination in the world with the capability to host more than 50 million tourists in a year.

Besides other scopes, Turkey has established itself as a leading medical tourism hub with its world-class surgical performance. In 2021, more than 650,000 foreign patients sought remedy in Turkey with over 400,000 of them from Europe. With its internationally accredited health institutions, private, public, and university hospitals equipped with the most advanced technology in the world, and highly experienced health staff in their fields, Turkey has become top ten destinations for world health tourism.

From the day of request to the day of departure, by the support of its strong tourism and health infrastructure which were proven during the fight against the pandemic, Turkey offers quality treatment at a low cost with an added taste of tourism.

Compared to its counterparts, Turkey has more JCI accredited medical centres than any other destination. Many European and American trained doctors provide cardiac, orthopaedic, cosmetic, and laser eye surgeries in JCI accredited medical centres as well as dental care and cancer treatment.

From basic screening and cosmetic surgery to high-end surgical procedures and complex specialty care in areas such as Urology and Gynaecology, Bariatrics and Ophthalmology (Eye Surgery) among others, our greatly skilled and experienced medical staff work to deliver the best healthcare experience and treatment for every international patient, through well-supported international medical services.


We started to work with Social Star Promotions during the Pandemic as we seen a major loss in the travel industry, we were struggling to get clients to travel and we decided that we would extend our 1 year to complete the procedure to keep our regular customers happy. 

Since the end of the pandemic we have gone from strength to strength with the help of social star they have taken our social media  followers to beyond our expectations to the extent we are now looking to open another surgery and a representative clinic in the UK.  

I started my Journey as a Representative for small surgery......